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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Out for an "Influence" series event...good people, fashionistas and beat dropping music!

Angel and Jeff take the spotlight for a moment so Jeff can show his swag.

Say Cheese!

Sennie and Raleigh pose for a quick shot.

Thanksgiving Skating!

Just a few pics of the fun times with friends skating at Rockefeller Center.

We worked off those Thanksgiving calories!


The house of CruxNY hosted Thanksgiving dinner with the help of our lovely friends! Take a look at the pics!

Yes that is Allyson outside frying chicken with an umbrella in the rain, lol! We didn't want the whole house to smell like fried chicken, so we came up with an alternative way to have what we LOVE!

Sexy in the kitchen getting things prepared!

Mechelle, Angel and Lisa posed for a pic after eating their delicious Thanksgiving meal. Cheese ladies!

And the fun continued as we played holiday games!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cruxy Sassy Spotlight

Check out Miss Camille! As you can see she is too fly rocking her simple sexy look with the CruxNY "nona" earrings to make the look complete! Don't hurt 'em out there in LA honey ;-).

Loves it!

Ladies remember if you have a flick of you rocking your CruxNY please send it our way and we will shout you out.