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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Get Connected" Vibe and E-M Networking Event

The Ladies of CruxNY went out for an evening of mingling and meeting at the "Get Connected"
networking mixer hosted by Vibe Magazine, Esther-Mireya and Herbert Holler.

The Ladies of CruxNY take a flick before entering the mixer.

Angel and Bettina posed for a pic.

The ladies of CruxNY and Greg with his too cool for school look.

Angel takes a shot with Ally (left) @sheblogs from http://www.she-blogs.com/ and Esther-Mireya (center), host of the event. Ladies, looking HOT!

Ladies of CruxNY posing with Stan.

Chasity Saunders (model) @MsKlassyChassy and friend strike a pose. Get it girls!
*Note that Chasity is currently on tour with Miss Tina (yes Beyonce's mother) as one of her lovely models promoting her new clothing line. They are currently in Houston! Check out http://www.misstina.com/.

A young fly brotha, enjoying his night out on the town.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

CruxNY in Sophisticate's Black Hair

CruxNY earrings were featured on two models in the November issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair! You may notice that one of the lovely models is one of our fly CruxNY Co-Creator's, Sennie Clark! Pick up the issue for a better look see ;+).

Cruxy Sassy Spotlight - Allyson

Check out Miss Allyson rocking her CruxNY earrings out and about in the streets of DC! Thanks for representing mama, we see you looking fly!

Ladies don't forget to send us your pics (crux@cruxny.com) if you feel like you deserve your Cruxy Sassy Spotlight!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jules Eyes Fashion Showing

Meet the fabulous designer, Julius Williams, also known as Jules.

Last week Jules hosted an exclusive showing of his latest collection combined with his website launch which drew a large crowd of fashion forward friends, other designers and stylists. Please check out his new website to see all of his fashions! http://juleseyes.com/

We have a few flicks from the event to share :-).

The ladies and gents enter the building and strut their stuff.

The Ladies of CruxNY with designer Jules.

The Ladies of CruxNY with Fashion Consultant Kentrell M. Searles.

Jules with one of the models.

Everyone loved this sexy grey one shoulder dress on the left. Work!

And check this out, DJ Chance, the 14 year old nephew of Jules was able to stay out late that night to keep the crowd pleased. He was doing his thing too...well on his way.

Too cute parting gift. Thanks Jules for a lovely evening!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Cruxy Sassy at the Shooting Range

New hobby...Angel and Sennie now love the shooting range!

If you have not attempted this activity before it is a must. Angel was hyped up prior to getting to the range but after she heard the first live shot ring out she started to have flashbacks of her younger years and events gone wrong which made her want to immediately shake the spot. Sennie was the more calm one as usual, but there was no time for fear as we were quickly escorted to our training class.

After we had our training it was time to lock, load and shoot! We used a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle. Blocka Blocka!

Blasting on the competition ha! (No bust seriously kids, guns are not a joke or to be played with)

Angel in the firing lane.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ladies of CruxNY Crème Magazine Feature

As many of you know, we released our newest collection of goodies via our web store www.cruxny.com on Wednesday, September 15 and the wonderful staff at Crème Magazine decided to feature us on their site which needless to say we were so please about. The feature is below and if you have a chance to stop by their site www. http://www.creme-magazine.com/ please do so! They also have great music on the home page as well as a featured highlight for the Ladies of CruxNY ;=).

Special shout out to Gladymir Leveille!

The Ladies Of CruxNY

Crème Magazine

Unique accessory brand CruxNY launches new line of products.

Names: Sennie Clark, Ahyiana Deldridge, Kristen Jones

Company: Crux New York (CruxNY)

Founded: 2008

Crème Magazine: What's the mission of CruxNY?

CruxNY: To infuse creative expression into everyday style for all; from the boardroom business woman to the hipster chick.

CM: How did the vision come about to launch CruxNY?

CruxNY: We started off revamping items of clothing for ourselves which turned into making accessories to go with them out of scrap materials, and the response from wearing these items was crazy so one day we just decided to take the business of creating serious. We literally said “let’s do this!”

CM: Who's your target consumer?

CruxNY: Our target is definitely the individual who wants to set themselves apart, and be in the spotlight in any given scene. It is a great feeling when our customers share with us their experience after wearing their CruxNY pieces; they consistently tell us how much overwhelming attention they’ve received.

CM: Your accessories are very unique; what's your process on getting the materials, and making it a final product for people to wear?

CruxNY: As we come across different materials that catch our eye or may be unique, and have different textures we brainstorm and come up with possible designs; from that point we make sample pieces, and decide if we like the final product.

CM: What has been your biggest break thus far?

CruxNY: We are still a growing company, and we're continually learning new things everyday so every opportunity that we have is a blessing for us from compliments from celebrities to features in publications, we appreciate it all.

CM: Are you currently working with any fashion designers, stylists, or celebrities on promoting your products?

CruxNY: Promoting our brand and establishing ourselves in this industry has been an ongoing process. We have relationships with stylists that really like our pieces and some of our items have been used in fashion spreads so we’re just looking forward to releasing this new collection and all of the possibilities that will come with it. We’ve have had a great deal of support from people that are always looking to incorporate the CruxNY brand in fashion related events ,and that has been one of the ways that we have been able to gift celebrities and tastemakers alike.

CM: Do you make any accessory pieces for men?

CruxNY: We currently have eyewear for men but we are working on adding to the men’s collection.

CM: So tell us about the new line of products that you have out now?

CruxNY: The new line is just as funky and fierce as the past collections. We wanted to use some vibrant colors and incorporate certain materials in ways that consumers have not seen before. There is a bit of a mix as we worked in some leather and chunky metallic for a little edge, and for the softer side some flower petals and lace. We definitely like to mix things up a bit.

CM: How can we purchase your accessories?


CM: What advice would you give a person who wants to go into the accessory business?

CruxNY: Follow your heart. If you have a passion for creating then do it, and don’t let anyone discourage you. There will always be people ready to try and knock you down--have confidence in your work and it will speak for itself.

Willow Smith Shows Her Swagg

Little Miss Willow Smith came out with her single "Whip My Hair" in a true star's fashion....nothing but buzz! The song is HOT and anyone that says that it does not make them want to dance or groove even just a little bit is simply a lie.

Most people did not have a full grasp on who the tween star was prior to the release of her single and that did not help in understanding her brand and artistry. If we can think back a second, remember her mother Jada Pinkett Smith as Lena James in the 1991 sitcom A Different World, this character was actually based on Pinkett Smith's own style and personality. Her style in the show was funky, eclectic and free and she was still FLY. We all loved her and guess what, her mini me did not steal it. She has a fun little style of her own and you can say what you want but talent is running through Willow Smith's veins.

We respect her swag and the name that she is making for herself because despite all of the talk she is a unique child with a great energy. Check the video below.

Jada and Willow Smith. Too cute!

Jada in her early years.

Rocking the Amber Rose before Amber Rose knew who Amber Rose was.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blac Label Showroom Mixer and YRB Magazine Kelly Rowland cover party

Again the Ladies of CruxNY enjoyed a night out on the town! Our first stop was the Blac label showroom mixer where we mixed and mingled with some of New York's notable trendsetters.

The Ladies of CruxNY posing for a pic with Thomas from Urban Latino Magazine and Renee of Halls of Style, style blog.

And then Chris of F1GMedia has us pose for a picture as he takes it of himself. Lol joke on us!

You know the Ladies of CruxNY had to take a flick with Sway because you know he was in there reppin' for the bay area!
And the night continued as we enjoyed cocktails with new Def Jam artist Bryan J...awwww he is so sweet. Check him out on twitter @bryanjmusic.

"How You doing?" - in my Wendy voice

Miss Jay and Jay Manuel stepped on the scene.

We wrapped up the night at the YRB Magazine Kelly Rowland Cover party along side Vanessa and Angela Simmons and celebrity publicist BJ Coleman peeking.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Triple FAT Goose - Fashion Week 2010

The Ladies of CruxNY hit the red carpet before the Triple FAT Goose fashion show!

Triple FAT Goose...back on the scene!

The looks were very prep meets street and we think that consumers will definitely be pleased with the collection. It was a great show and a night of resurrection for the Triple FAT Goose brand! ;-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010

Out on the town for New York - Fashion's Night Out - 5th Ave. Windows showing off all the HOT FASHIONS! There were plenty of live models in the store windows...see below...

An evening of Hot FASHIONS, Hot MEN and Drinks...who could ask for anything more?

Angel and Sewit getting their too cool for school look on in Bottega Veneta, the shades are HOT! Get it ladies!

The lovely Rosario Dawson posed for a pic with the Ladies of CruxNY. She is a sweet lady!

Angel getting her pose on in the Diesel elevator. Vogue it hunny!

Why is she in the Diesel store pissing? Just having fun!

Ghosting through the Diesel jeans!

Chris Breezy at Gucci, it was bannanas in there with Mary J. and Fabulous.

And Fashion week continues...